Brought to you by David Leslie, the guy behind the Sccop6 club, The Alpha Method uses The Cloud Bot to automatically bet selections for you. You don’t need to be logged in to the bot or Betfair as, once configured, it is all automatic. You can turn off the Betfair betting if you desire and bet manually.

It’s worth logging in once you get the email that the selections are available as you can enter the selections as forecasts and tricasts, and this is fully explained in the manual that is provided with membership.

After a 2-week trial for £4.99, that will see you through the Cheltenham festival as I write this, the service costs £249 per year.

I will let the bot run against my Betfair account which I have configured for 2% commission, and will also report on the forecast/tricasts. I won’t be monitoring performance using bookmakers or BSP, just the prices the bot gets as the bets are placed.

You can get The Alpha Method here


Not in the habit of issuing results early, but Cheltenham Day 1 would have paid for your year’s subscription! From their email, but mirrors the results I recorded:

At Cheltenham today, The Alpha Method on Auto Pilot, won 2 out of 3 races, also winning forecasts and tricasts in both.

The winners came in at Betfair SPs of 5.55 and 9.57, the forecasts paid £22.90 and £85.90 and the tricasts returned £160.65 and £463.27, all to £1 unit stakes.

You can get The Alpha Method here