As you can tell from the name this is an Asian Handicap service.

This one is a little different from the normal set up as they only send bets by text message(SMS) direct to your phone. This is because it can be near to kick off time that a match becomes a selection.

All the information you need is on the sales page, along with some very lofty claims of profit levels and of doubling the bank regularly.

There is a introductory offer of £3 for your first 3 weeks selections then the usual subscription fee is £65 a month via Paypal

As many of you will know, I’m not a fan of Asian Handicaps but if this turns regular profits at the levels that they claim I’m willing to be converted.

There was one part of the sales page that worried me at first, the part that says you have to have accounts with three specific bookmakers. Thankfully, these are not obscure outfits you’ve never heard of. The three recommended are Betfair, Bet365 and Pinnacle. All nice and easy to use and long established.

The advised starting bank is a very low 15 points, so I assumed a bank of £150 and recorded results to £10 placed per bet.


Start Balance: £150
Final Balance: £0.29

Strike Rate : 31.94%
Average Odds : 1.856

A full breakdown of stats are on the spreadsheet below.

The entire start bank has now been wiped out in just over three weeks. I thought it was way too low a bank before we started and I’m still to be convinced about Asian Handicap services being worthwhile.

To be fair, this service does come across as being open and honestly run, which is more than can be said for several others that specialise in these markets and I have not been bombarded with spam offers.

One thing of interest (general note, not specific to this service) is that the vast majority of the bets supplied were best priced with Pinnacle. Pinnacle have the reputation of being extremely clued up and set their markets and prices along very tight lines, that’s why they are one of the slowest to close down winning punters. Over the last few years I have found it beneficial to my own betting activities to be extra careful with selections that are best priced with Pinnacle. The reverse is also worthy of note, if they’re at the lower end of the prices available it adds a little more confidence. Obviously that’s only my opinion (and that of a couple of betting friends too) and cannot be taken as a hard and fast rule to base all your betting on. It’s just an angle to consider.

Obviously, this service has to be filed under FAILED.


You can try The Asian Advantage here: