Fredrikstad -0.5  LOST



I had an email from the service yesterday containing an excel spreadsheet detailing their results for June. The good news is that their records match mine, so they are being honest. The bad news is that they made a loss of around 2 points over the course of the month but at least they admit it and don’t try to cover it up or ignore it. There’s a brief message saying that they’re glad to see the end of June and that they hit losing runs of 3 bets 3 times during the month, which is apparently very unusual.

I did mention in the intro post that you get the bets via text message to your phone as they are sometimes a bit tight on time, well I have found that this is very true. A couple of bets have been literally 2-3 minutes before kick off, so you need to bear that in mind if taking the trial.