Todays Selections

2:10 Bath Alexander Nepotism 1.78 2nd

2:30 Southwell Thunderwing 2.62 2nd

2:50 Wincanton Surfboard 2.62 1st

3:00 Southwell Vanquisher 2.34 2nd

3:20 Wincanton Scotland Yard 2.18 1st

Another easyday today with the 1st race losing for us. I have been looking at the American racing with this system and I have now found a site that I can get the results fairly quickly. It looks like you can use this system in different countries aswell. I’ve just been paper trading it at the moment but it still comes out with the losers. I’ll do a summary of it on Friday when I do the main summary. The bank has now gone upto £243.94.