Todays Selections

2:00 Lingfield Carolina Belle 2.3 2nd

2:50 Musselburgh Fast Feet 2.6 2nd

3:00 Lingfield Yarsola 2.1 1st

4:00 Lingfield Tabadul 3.0 1st

4:30 Lingfield Rassaman 3.0 1st

We got the loser in the 1st race again today.


What can I say about this system, it’s an excellent system if your looking for something in the long term. In the last month we’ve had a 100% strike rate. It seems to always find a loser within it’s 5 selections. From what I understand since the system was made a few years ago it has only ever had 1 losing day where all the selections won their races. I think this system is perfect for somebody who maybe is retired could afford to possibly put £10000 on a account and go for 1% win aday. This would make them a nice daily income of £100 aday. It is also good for the type of people who don’t want to sit infront off the computer all day. You will normally get your loser within the 1st 2 selections on most days. There was only 2 or 3 days where I had to go past the 2nd horse to get a loser. Over the month it has been fairly easy to find selections. I had 1 day where I could only find 4 selections before the races started but then soon found the 5th during the day which did actually win it’s race anyway. It will take you about 5 minutes to find your selections, where now in the summer should be no problem with the amount off races on each day. In the winter there maybe some days that there wouldn’t be enough selections. If I could find 4 selections I personally would start the day in the hope off finding a 5th during the day. Overall I can’t really find much wrong with this system and I will certainly carry on using it.

The betting bank I started with was £200 it has ended up with £251.31. I was only using it Monday to Friday if I had included weekends into it this could of been about another £10 more. It will increase your account by about 25%+ each month if your looking to use it to biuld your account. I must just say again it is definitely a good investment as a long term plan.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing some paper trading using the American races that are on in the evenings. So far there hasn’t been aday where I didn’t get a loser within the 5 selections. The only thing is to make your selections you need to leave it until near the off. The 1 thing I did find annoying is the races don’t always stick to the time that is showing. Sometimes the actual race started a good few minutes early or half an hour or more late which could confuse things abit. The other problem I found was getting results on time but I have now found a site which is very quick with the results. The site I found was the results were up within minutes. I’m still going to papertrade it for abit longer before putting any money into it.

I hope everybody has found this off some interest, I would definitely say this system is worth buying. I’ll be back next Tuesday looking at the Midas Maidens system for the month. For now goodbye and I hope everybody will have a wicked weekend.

You can get The Bank Vault Report here: