Hi I would like to just start by saying sorry for not getting the results up last night, it was one of those situations where a quiet night turned into a mad night with one of my mates who is leaving for India this weekend and we were supposed to have a quiet goodbye drink.

Yesterdays Selections

2:40 Nottingham Fast Feet 2.7 3rd

3:20 Catterick Halla San 3.0 1st

4:00 Lingfield Resplendent Alpha 1.91 3rd

4:10 Nottingham The Last Drop 2.52 2nd

4:50 Catterick Always Best 1.76 1st

We were done and dusted by the 1st race still with 100% strike rate and £204.02 in the bank.

Todays Selections

2:20 Wincanton Sovietica 2.4 1st

3:00 Ludlow Pearl King 2.5 1st

3:10 Wolverhampton Savanagh Forest 2.1 1st

3:30 Ludlow My Immortal 2.7 1st

3:50 Wincanton Le Jaguar 2.8 3rd

Today, what a day, didn’t get a loser until the end. Used a lot of the bank but it pulled through on the last horse. From reading the report it does say you should get your loser within the 1st couple of choices most of the time but on the odd occasion it can take all 5 to get there. Those are the days that you may need balls of steel to bet with. We still have a strike rate of 100% and the bank has gone upto £206.06, it’s still all good.

I’m out all weekend, I’ll be back on Tuesday night with Tuesday results. I hope everybody has a wicked Easter.