Hi Everybody

My name is Alex Shaylor today I started a new test on a laying system called The Bank Vault Report.

The Bank Vault Report is a system for laying horses where you need to find 5 horses a day to lay on and stop at a loser using the calculator provided. It takes 5-10 minutes a day to pick the horses and then you just need to be in front of the screen to place your bets unitl the 1st loser has arrived. I will be testing this system out on a Mon-Fri. basis for the month of April. I’ll be starting with a bank of £200 and using a lay off 1% of the bank.

There is an option to lay on straight bets and also to lay on a horse not to place. I have looked into both and have decided only to focus on the straight bets.

I will be placing the results late every evening so they will be there 1st thing in the morning for everybody to see.

Todays Selections:

2:20 Kelso Noir Et Vert 1.95 1st

3:00 Southwell Nero’s Return 1.96 2nd

3:40 Lingfield Ravi River 1.87 2nd

4:00 Southwell Dan Tucker 1.77 1st

4:10 Lingfield King After 2.6 1st

As you can see today we got our loser within the second race and the bank has now gone upto £202.