My experimental greyhound method got off to a poor start this week, on the one hand because I forget that the bot doesn’t allow virtual betting on the dogs, they have to be live bets, unlike with the horses – this wasted a day. On the other because I was a bit too optimistic over what I could make from any steamers. I have now reduced the second snapshot target to 1 pt and have been rewarded with a small profit so far. Since it is only experimental and I have to place live bets, I have set the stake at a meagre 10p and even set a stop loss as well. Not showing much confidence in my system, you may say, but times is ‘ard and I’m taking no chances. I’ll get brave when or if it proves itself. Meanwhile, TBE makes the necessary calculations between the first & second snapshots and places any bets required.

The Total Betting Club came up with another free and highly promising system last week, so I have added that to my tally of test tabs. I am able to keep track of them all by exporting the logfiles to Excel each night, so the process is much easier than trying to do all the data collection manually.

I have mentioned that TBE has a large range of automatic filters which can be applied in any combination, so allowing one to run quite complex selection processes without attention. One can specify types of races at specific venues, distance, gender of horses, course or distance winners, turf, jumps or AW, even beaten favourites. Any bets accruing from this process will be placed automatically once you click the Active button. There is a considerable range of staking plans available, all fully configurable and bets can be placed down to 1p. You probably won’t feel the need for the stop loss at that point, but it is available and with a trailing stop, too. A particular benefit of TBE when running some systems which depend on the live odds in the market, rather than the Betfair odds, is that it is capable of monitoring the live show on Sporting Life and placing your bets on that basis.

As an example, one of my systems requires me to exclude certain courses, certain types of races and also limit the length of the race. Number of runners obviously, also whether favourite or joint favourite. TBE handles these filters automatically, saving me much research. Then, I set the odds to be a certain minimum at 30 secs before the off in the live show. If all these filters are complied with, the bet is placed.

As I’ve said before when testing other bots, even those which simply place bets you enter in advance, a large part of their benefit is that they remove the emotion from your betting. Personally, I am not good at sticking rigidly to a system, I find myself being swayed by the odds as the race time approaches. The opposition can start to look threatening, or your lay prospect’s odds start to move unexpectedly and undermine your confidence. TBE is particularly good at removing all this uncertainty, you simply input the rules you want it to follow and leave it to get on with selecting and betting whatever shows up. At the close of betting, you will hopefully see a green figure in the P/L window!

On top of this, of course, is the obvious benefit that you can run multiple systems in your absence, an absolute boon to those with day jobs. Since you can set trailing stop losses on each tab separately, there’s no danger of returning to a disaster. TBE is the complete automated solution to your betting processes and I have no hestation in giving it the Approved label. I would certainly miss it very much, now.

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