A final update for this.

The level stakes now stands at -34.22 points and it is now finally time to knock this one on the head.

last year it made a good profit, turned £200 into £25,000. or did it? The results stopped at 11th december on the website, as after this the whole £25,000 would have gone in the remaining days of december.

So to this year. We started with a £200 ratchet bank and a level stakes bank. The ratchet bank went by the 22nd of January! We battled on to level stakes thinking it would turn around, yet the losses continued.

A couple of other things bother me about this service :

no results update for this year since 2nd Jan as we have never been in profit

each day a comment after the previous day, like ‘1 out of 2 yesterday, onto today’. But it is still a loss when the winner was odds on!!

I have given this more than long enough to turn it around but now it has to be filed under Failed.

You can try The Bet Plan here: