The Betfair Cash Out Trading Method is a system for horse racing and as the title implies is a trading system that can be employed on all three codes of racing. Betfair Cash Out comes from the prolific system designer Malcolm Pett (The Grey Horse Bot). The system will require a Betfair account and can be considered a first step for future Betfair traders or a relatively simple method to follow in its own right.

Currently the price for the method is £97 and for this money you get the manual in PDF format and a series of “how to” supporting videos. Malcolm’s potential tips for races to trade in every day are also provided for one year from date of purchase. There is no refund because once you have read the manual you essentially have the system.

Without revealing how the system works – it does as the name implies employ the Betfair “Cash Out” button – so the user has to be sat in front of a computer for all of the qualifying races that one has decided to trade on. The aim of the system is to trade on price movements then use the Betfair Cash Out Button to bank a profit before a race starts. Therefore if you are not able to set aside time in the afternoon, or indeed if desired the evenings in the summer, then Betfair Cash Out will not be suitable. The main aim of this trading system is to hit the Cash Out button to achieve a suggested 2.5% profit per selected race.

This review is a “one off” because although there are a general set of rules to apply it does not necessarily follow all users will employ all of the more detailed additions to the rules or indeed be able to set aside the time each day required for trading and thus all trade the same races.

The manual is very easy to follow, the rules are also easily understood and put into practice. I went through 10 videos as well as reading through the manual twice before attempting to jump onto Betfair and start trading. Malcolm’s videos are quite entertaining as well as useful with many examples of the method being put into action. Having stated the rules and indeed restating the rules to follow he then proceeds in several of the videos to break some of the rules to go on to make profitable trades.

It is a fact with this system that the more time you spend going through the videos and re reading the rules to ensure they are firmly fixed in your mind the more successful you will become. The number one priority is to put in a “stop loss”- as a protection of your stake in the event of trade going against you. This action will limit the potential loss to much less than your initial stake and must followed at the start of every trade.

Over the 8 day period 2nd July – 9th July I was conservative in my use of the rules, only trading in the afternoons and found on average 3 races a day I felt would be suitable for profitable trades. I was able to trade using my criteria on all three codes during the period.

As this particular method was new for me I used the minimum Betfair £2 stake per selected race aiming to make circa 5p – 10p profit(2.5%-5%) per race. From 26 races I was able to trade out for a profit on 24 of them and on the 2 losers my “stop loss” ensured my maximum loss per losing race was 20p (a loss of 10% of stake).

This is not a “get rich quick” system but given time and experience in using the system it will be possible to increase the stake by allowing the trading bank to grow and thus increase the size of the stake and hence the profits.

I have no hesitation in giving Betfair Cash Out a pass.

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