I have been deliberating for a long time how to review this, and feel a one-off review is sufficient.

I took an instant dislike to it due to the flashy website and promise of £100’s a week for hardly any work. I am sure we have all seen this kind of thing many times, so I did not expect much.

The ebook is a 60 page pdf manual, with many pages given over to how to read the racing post, what betfair is, other exchanges, and the ‘system’ itself. It is basically looking for horses to lay in the win or place market, on handicap races, if certain primary conditions are met. We then look at more filters to decide if the horse is a lay.

My initial reaction was of a system back-fitted on results to get the system rules! This, coupled with no website to check your selections against also points to a system quickly put together and mass marketed.

So, I proposed a negative review to start with, however, I have decided to give it a neutral rating as although I feel the system is back-fitted, the book will actually be a very good introduction to a begginner. It goes into detail of how to use the racing post, what the race card means, for example, what ‘C’ and ‘D’ mean after a horse on the cards – this might be very basic, but for someone not used to it, the explanation is in very simple terms.

The explanation of betfair and exchanges is also done in the most basic of terms, what decimal odds are, etc etc.

I assume anyone reading this blog will have experience of both the racing post and exchanges, so it would not be of use to any readers, however, if you have never ever used these websites, then get it for a basic guide. 

You can get Project Betfair here: