After 62 days my trial period ended. After a rocky start, the winners finally came and we ended up +8.04 points. The 5% ratchet bank reached £289.44 from a start of £200. So, after the monthly fees of £45 are deducted we broke even. However, the way the last few weeks went, recovering the strike rate from the early poor run, I am confident about this doing ok, a steady bank builder.

The email arrives early and it is simply a case of placing the bets, either level stakes or 5% ratchet from your bank. I think the most we had was 5 bets in a day, sometimes none. Biggest winner was 7/1, but most are favs, some odds on. As long as this continues to do well, it is a great one to place and check later, no following liveshows etc, although best odds guaranteed bookies are recommended for obvious reasons. I took all prices at betfair, very often beating advised and sp (in fact almost all of the time)

As I missed the last couple of days, I am going to re-set my bank at £200 and report after another 60 days. I am going to give this an approved rating for now. Some may disagree with this as I broke even, however, had I started the trial a week earlier or a week later the profit would have been more.

So, a cautious approved, and after 60 days I will give an update as to whether it gets a full approved!


As promised, an update. I gave this a cautious approved when I first reviewed it. I started the trial at the start of a poor run, yet still ended in profit.I could see the potential and so decided to give it another 60 days.

I re-set the bank to £200, operating a ratchet 5% staking plan, and the bank now stands at a very impressive £379.40

All bets are to betfair prices I got, usually beating the prices given. The only one I was worse on was a drifter, winning at 3/1, I took 3.5.

I can now wholly recommend The BetPlan for its simplicity of use (no following shows, just place the bet and check later), and of course the profit!

I will update again in 60 days with a further update

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As promised, a further update. The bank has now grown to £532 from £379.40 60 days ago. Very impressive! We did actually reach a high of £907.40 by the end of November but a few losers have reduced the bank, however, winners have come in the past couple of days.

This is one you really should have in your portfolio, and here is why : My £200 bank has grown in the last few months, however, if I had started with £200 on 1st January 2011 and used the 5% ratchet bank, by the end of November this bank would have been over £25,000!!!

And if the ratchet bank is not for you, level stakes betting is well over 100 points up for the year.

From the 1st January 2012 I will monitor the service and update my actual results on a monthly basis.

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