Mathew Martoma was a hedge fund manager who used his ‘in the know’ position to make an eye-watering $276 million (yes, he got caught!)…???

There are also ‘Big Money’ Cabal members in the political and business spaces

Like Nancy Pelosi and her husband

And Elon Musk and his brother

Imagine if you could follow their trades yourself, copying what they do (legally!)…

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Who is Guy Cohen?

Over the past 18-years Guy has become a pretty big deal in the trading world.  And when I say that, I mean on an international scale with a seriously impressive set of credentials, so I know you’re going to get a ton of value from this AND future training sessions with him. 

So what about his credentials … Well first, he’s written FOUR best-selling trading books published by the Financial Times and Wiley – so pretty impressive endorsements there, but somehow – and I know this first hand – he manages to make things incredibly easy to understand and super easy to follow! 

What else … Well, Guy’s clients have included the New York Stock Exchange – it doesn’t get much more impressive than that does it! 

And even more impressive – and unusual in terms of other gurus you may have seen in the trading world, Guy’s systems are used by professional money managers to manage their multi-million dollar client portfolios. 

What that means is that literally on a daily basis, tens-of-millions of dollars are being traded as a direct result of Guy’s systems.  But I promise he’ll be keeping it simple and you’re going to really get huge value from him. 

Guy is running a free workshop this Thursday so if you’re interested at all in trading stocks – even if you’re a total beginner – I can’t think of anyone better to learn from … he’s the real deal. 

He’s made in the order of millions trading professionally, and as I said he’s now being courted by multi-billion dollar hedge funds. 

On Thursday he’ll be sharing how YOU can do the same, how you can use this one skill of trading to generate a consistent income for life, and grow your own trading account just like he’s doing for his kids. 

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