Sorry this review in several weeks late but I have been very poorly requiring a week in hospital, with something unrelated to Covid-19!

I have been casting my eye over The Bookie Smasher. A mixed sports tipster from the BettingGods stable. Subscription is £29 per month or £279 annually.

You get a daily email containing the selections, advised stake and bookmaker.

We have bet on football and some of these matches were from some exotic leagues like Bahrain and Morocco, European Ice Hockey and Basketball, Tennis, Darts, ESports and Volleyball. Due to the exotic nature of many of these bets it wasn’t possible to follow the selections on Betfair.

I recorded results to the advised odds.

I note that a 50-point bank is recommended. That is quite aggressive, but the largest drawdown 22.1 points, well within this 50-point bank. I never saw the 15 points per month stated on the sales page, in fact, I saw very few winning weeks.

Week 4 was the worst week; ignoring that week the service has been broadly sideways over the trail. As it is I ended 17.75 points down.

I also have concerns about keeping under the bookie’s radar when betting on exotic markets and the ability to increase stakes when things go well.

Given the inability to make a profit and with my concerns regarding the bookmakers limiting your accounts I am going to have to fail this service.

You can get The Bookie Smasher here.