From the Betting Gods stable, The Bookies Enemy is a horse racing tipster costing £37 per month.

Emails are expected mid-evening to catch the early bird prices, so this service doesn’t lend itself to Betfair. I recorded results to BSP, with 2% commission deducted, anyway as well as the advised price. Note that I do not adjust for BOG as this is a bookie perk.

The email contains the staking plan and some suggested bookies as well as a write-up justifying the selection, so all you need do is place the bets as soon as the email arrives.

The service closed at 11.6 points up, £116 using our standard £10 per point. This just covers the subscription costs. As you can see from the chart below, performance has been very hit and miss.

As suspected, with -23.76 points (-£237) Betfair isn’t an option to BSP. You may be able to grab some higher odds, but mid-evening liquidity will be an issue.

After 13 weeks and once subscription costs are included the service has trod water and therefore attracts a neutral rating. Of course, you could use higher stakes than £10 but we don’t assess systems that way.

You can get The Bookies Enemy here.