Day 15 – (Thursday 17th July)

Today I looked at one meeting – Leicester.

Another loosing day.

This is now the half way mark for the system trial, and it might be good to do a mid trial summary. The trial started out well with promise. In fact, the system (according to the author) has had amazing success with massive profits for the last 11 months. I have seen reports from other people that can verify a good month for June that is similar to those results stated in the manual. Maybe July is just a big loosing streak, I am not sure. I think that the system has a good structure, and there is good logic to it. The system relies heavily upon The Sun newspaper for it’s guidance where odds are concerned and I think that is probably not a good thing, and Racing Post may be a better source as their forecasting is much more accurate to SP than The Sun. Any way, for this trial, we are using a 3% bank, and in hind sight, it may have been more prudent to use a 1% or 2% bank. Your monthly profits for the last 11 months would have been less, but so would your losses for July. If July continues with it’s poor performance with the system, the bank will be gone before the trial is over.

Profit Target: 2.3 Points

3:25 @ Leicester:     Rum Jungle         odds 7.50     Lost     Profit/ Loss: -£30.00

4:25 @ Leicester:     Black Falcon        odds 3.00     Lost     Profit/ Loss: -£30.00

5:30 @ Leicester:     Mandarin Spirit    odds 4.34     Lost     Profit/ Loss: -£30.00

Starting Bank: £1,000.00

Bank Brought Forward: £ 647.60

Total Profit/ Loss for the day: -£ 90.00 (-3.00 points)

Total Bank: £ 557.60