Sorry for the delay in getting the trial under way. There is quite a lot to get to grips with on the system, and overall, it is quite ambiguous if you don’t read it a few times and find out exactly what the author is saying.

Now that I have an understanding of how it works, I need to say that it is not a 10 minute select and forget system. If you want to work it like the author says, you will be concentrating on making your selections all afternoon and evening (if you wanted to cover the evening races too). It is a full time job if you follow the system to the letter during the racing hours.

For this trial, I will be covering as many meetings as I can in the afternoon only. The system looks for two types of selections, grade 1 & grade 2. The grade 1 selections are stronger, and I am only going to cover these during the trial. The reason for this is due to time availability and my ability to manage the trial effectively and realistically. Finally, regarding the system selection criteria I will be using, I will not include any selections where the horses price has not moved during the last 10 minutes.

The system also gives you the profit target for the day, and this target will vary depending on which meetings you cover for the day. I will be including these targets for the trial. Once the target profit is achieved, the days betting comes to an end.

For the trial, I will assume a bank of £1000, and I will use a 3% stake throughout the trial.

I have already trialled the system for two days, and here are the results: –

Starting Bank = £1000

Day 1 – (Tuesday 24th June)

Profit Target: 3.3 Points

Stake: £30 

2:15 @ Beverley:          Fastnet Storm    odds 2.88        Won        P/L: +£56.40

2:45 @ Beverley:          Elite Island         odds 5.50         Lost        P/L: -£30.00

3:30 @ Brighton:          Karmei              odds 4.0           Lost        P/L: -£30.00

4:00 @ Brighton:          Foreign King      odds 4.5           Won        P/L:+£105.00

Total Profit/ Loss for the day: £101.40 (3.38 points)

Total Bank: £1,101.40

Day 2 – (Thursday 26th June)

Profit Target: 4.0 Points

Stake: £30

2:20 @ Warwick:           Armour Propre       odds 3.25       Won       P/L: +£74.25

2:50 @ Warwick:           Peter Island           odds 6.00       Won       P/L: +£150.00

Total Profit/ Loss for the day: £217.50 (7.25 points)

Total Bank: £1,318.90

Not a bad start to the trial at all, with 10.63 points profit for two days.