Day 24 – (Tuesday 6th August)

Today I looked at one meeting – Catterick.

Another loosing day. I must say though, we nearly had a winning day. There were two horses in two separate races that fell in to the selection criteria. I was just about to place the bet when the selections started to drift when they were at the post. The system says to ignore the horse if it starts to drift. These two did turn out to be winners, but as we werent on them, it doesnt count.

Profit Target: 2.0 Points

3:00 @ Catterick:     Pairumani Pat     odds 3.75     Lost     Profit/ Loss: -£15.00

3:00 @ Catterick:     Miss Havisham   odds 9.00      Lost     Profit/ Loss: -£15.00

Starting Bank: £1,000.00

Bank Brought Forward: £ 252.50

Total Profit/ Loss for the day: – £ 30.00 (-1.00 points)

Total Bank: £ 222.50