The Cambridge System Summary

I think it is time to finish the trial. I know we havent done a full 30 days, but even if we did, and the next few days were amazing (which I doubt), it is unlikely that we could claw our way back. To get our bank back to what we started with would require a profit of 26 points, and looking at the performance in the summary below makes it highly unlikely.

To summarise then, here are the result: –

Winning Days

There were 9 winning days out of the 24.

Losing Days

There were 15 losing days out of the 24.

Our bank looks like this: –

Starting Bank: £1,000.00

Total Bank at the end of trial: £ 222.50

The system claims very high profits, and initially, we were achieving good results. However, like so many other systems around, those results just didnt continue. I checked the selections against the authors selections from his web site, to see if the results were similar to that which they were recording. In my opinion, the selections were questionable in several instances, and they claim a profit for races that in my reading of the system would not have been selections.

I have looked over the system criteria several times to make sure that I am covering the system both accurately and fairly. Particularly when the loosing runs came in heavily.

The strategy of the system is logical, although using the Sun newspaper for the forecast ratings is probably not the best way to go, and I imagine that results would probably be better if the racing post were used instead.

All in all though, I cannot recommend this system. I know that there has been a lot of excitement over this publication, but when a month almost wipes out your bank, it becomes just too much of a risk, even if it has a good track history.

Thanks for following me with this trial, and I look forward to the next one



You can get The Cambridge Target System here: