Day 6 – (Wednesday 2nd July)

Today I looked at two meetings – Worcester & Catterick. The profit target was 2.2 points for the meetings I was covering today, and the first race at Worcester won, and met my target for today, so I called it a day then as far as the system trial went. I actually continued to study the meetings, and if we would have gone against the recommendations set in the system manual and continued betting, we would have lost the next four races, which would have made our points profit -1.5.

Profit Target:    2.2 Points

2:10 @ Worcester:     Leamingtons Lad       odds 3.25     Won      Profit/ Loss:  +£67.50

Total Profit/ Loss for the day:             £67.50           ( 2.25 points)

Total Bank:                                          £1,292.80