Ok, so I’m taking a look at the Catalyst Horse Racing system.

This is a system that has some very bold claims (don’t they all), indicating that you could “turn £100 INTO £51,200 TAX FREE IN JUST 9 MONTHS”.

Wow, that sounds pretty amazing.  Further on it says this is possible only if you are completely disciplined and follow the rules precisely.

So what do you get.  Well, you get a PDF with the details of the rules.  It is fairly short, but sufficiently detailed to spell out the rules for the race selections. This is a cheap product so there are no bells and whistles, but that said, sometimes less is more.

Ok, so how does it work. Well first impressions are that this is a fairly old product. That isn’t to say it isn’t going to work, just that it has been around for a while.  To start with, you have to get up, go out of your house and physically walk down to the shops (or drive if your legs really don’t work that well), and actually buy a newspaper.  Crikey, do they still exist in this modern day and age? Apparently so… They even still list all the horse racing…

So, you have to go and get a newspaper, specifically the Mirror (although there are options for a couple of other papers if you prefer). I tried to do this using just the internet and it wasn’t possible. So first off, if you are not happy having to go and get the newspaper, then this isn’t for you.

Once you have the paper, you then follow a series of rules to rate each race with a points value according to a particular criteria. Once you have rated all the races, you then filter out the races that don’t qualify and finally place the appropriate bets on the selected horses (you place 2 bets per selected race).  It sounds like a lot of work but actually it is pretty simple.  My first day today took about 10 minutes to rate all 34 races that were listed in the Mirror. So actually it is fairly simple and quick.

Today I didn’t have any selections. The pdf says that is likely to happen, and that you can go a few days without a race and you might have a day when there are 1 or 2 matching races. It says the majority of selections are on Saturdays or big mid-week meetings.  If you get more than 4 selections on any one day then you just limit yourself to the top 4 races (according to their rating).

So that’s about it. I’m not planning on testing this religously every day as if today as a good example of a regular weekday, there were no selections! So, waiting for bigger race meets or Saturdays is likely to be better.  I’ll post results as and when I take the bets.

You can get The Catalyst here: