This is a system from the chaps at Betting Automation.

Here’s what they said about it:

“Every punter knows just how difficult it is to make money from using Betfair alone. In fact our main method of betting has for years relied on the use of traditional bookmakers and Betfair in unison to find an edge in the markets.

Well not too long ago we put to the test a hypothesis that had been nagging away at the back of our minds for some time. Something which just didn’t seem to make sense at first, but the cold hard facts seemed to suggest otherwise.

Could there really be a method of making long-term consistent profits using Betfair alone?

To discover more, click here.”

You can buy this for the one off price of just £27. For that you get a 16 page PDF by Clive Campbell which tells the story of exactly how the system was developed and why it works. The system itself is fairly simple but the published results are astonishing, especially as it is used entirely on Betfair.

I set up The Bet Engine to automate the whole process and ran it on test mode 24/7 on my VPS for three months.

Here are the results:

Bets: 1022
Successful: 103
Unsuccessful: 919
Strike Rate: 10.1%
Avg Odds: 11.70
Days: 84
Profit/Day: -£13.78
Bets/Day: 12.17
Max Win: £427.90
Max Loss: £10

Profit: -£1,157.29

Bear in mind, I’m running this in TEST mode, not placing bets into the live market so it may be that I wouldn’t have been matched on some of these high priced winners. But then the system itself is based on back tested results too.

I also ran a test laying these selections to level stakes instead of backing them but that’s also showing a loss because of the commission charged on all the winning bets. I also tried laying to a set £50 liability and that’s showing a profit of £171.79 after three months, but then, that would be pretty much wiped out by three losing bets too so it’s not that great. Finally, from 6th December, I tried laying these selections to £1 stakes in the live market, but restricting the odds to a maximum of 20. That’s produced a profit of £38.15, or 38 points, which I suppose isn’t too bad for two months, although it was £48 by the end of December, so this month is showing a 10 point loss. Again, two losing bets at maximum odds would wipe this out though.

Clearly the results have not matched the results upon which the system has been designed. If I had stuck with the same bank in the system, 100 points, I would have been wiped out within the first five weeks. Based on this I have no choice but to give this system a Fail.

I shall continue to monitor results for the rest of the year.

You can buy The Contrarian Betting Method here: