This is a straightforward horse racing service where you get one bet a day to lay the horse to lose on Betfair. The service costs £15 a month, or £39 for four months, or £65 for a full year of selections. Payment is taken by Clickbank so there is a 60 day refund guarantee too.

So it’s cheap and cheerful and takes a couple of minutes a day to place your bet.

Selections, if there are any, come early in the morning, usually before 9am and occasionally late the evening before. You don’t bet if the odds are over 4.5 on Betfair.

A word of warning. Do not expect support with this service. Apart from a few replies I got initially, he has not responded to any e-mails I’ve sent him since then, despite using several different e-mail addresses and e-mail services.

Also, it’s never good when a service doesn’t update its results on a draw down. The last update from him was on 23rd January.

I’ve been betting live, laying £25 on each selection, so a maximum liability of £87.50 on any one bet and 5% commission on winning bets.

I started on 5th January so now have five full months of live results as follows:

Bets: 106
Winners: 78
Losers: 28
Strike Rate: 74%
Avg Odds: 4.23
P/L: £115.05

Another irritant for me is he often gets the bet times wrong, so you have to check later or earlier races to find the bet. With only one bet a day you’d think he’d trouble himself to get the information right; and of course he sends you promotions for ‘other’ services he’s ‘discovered’ which turns out to be from his own e-mailing server (who’d have thought it, eh?) so I’m beginning to suspect the cheap entry point for this service is really just as a way to build his database for promoting his other services.

He appears to go on holiday without warning too. There’s been periods of a week or two without any selections then they just pop into your inbox out of the blue again.

The service has made a profit of £40 in the five months, using £25 lay stakes after £15 a month subscriptions are deducted. This would be a profit of £50 if I’d taken the annual subscription, so with the terrible customer service and spammy e-mails this goes down as a neutral.

You can try The Daily Lay with a 60 day refund guarantee HERE