Final Review

I have been recording the results for this system for the last month and have now finished the test.

The idea is to back horses that have seen a rise in certain facts and figures found in The Racing Post over the course of their next three races in the hope of finding a winner.

As can be seen from the test results, this has not been a very successful process. There are claims of very good profits made over the last few years on the sales site but we have not been able to replicate those at all.

Part way through the month, the author said that he thought that the figures in R.P. were being calculated in a different manner this year when compared to previous years and that that was the reason for the large number of bets and the poor performance. He then slightly changed one of the criteria for the selection method. Alas, this did not help the bottom line at all, but may help explain the vast difference between previous years and this current season, as I do not believe that the claims of past profits are outright lies.

The selection method for the system is simple enough, but would be very difficult  to keep up with if you had to work it all out for yourself. Thankfully you are provided with a website to log into where all that day’s qualifiers are listed. You then have to decide which of the two staking methods you will follow.

Method 1 is to simply back all qualifiers for a level stake. Method 2 was to follow the author’s advice and treat it as more of a tipster service. The author’s advice was generally based on the more likely of the days qualifiers and to back each way when practical. Method 2 was less disastrous than Method 1, but still managed to almost halve it’s bank in the space of a month.

Overall I find I have to file this under Failed Systems. This is of course due mainly to the fact that it lost A LOT of money during the test. Another concern is that we are slap bang in the middle of the flat season and as the system is only to be used at this time of year you would hope that July would be the best month. As stated above, the selection process would be very time consuming if you were doing it yourself and if the author decided to stop providing the website qualifiers service, you would have to manage all the selections and qualifiers lists yourself. Not an easy job, even with using the reminder service.

I did have quite high hopes for this one when I started as the basic idea does seem logical and the reasoning is sound, but it has not been backed up in practice as you can see from the end of test figures given below.

Method 1 (starting bank £1000)
END OF TEST BANK  £165.91 (Total Loss -£834.09)

Method 2 (starting bank £1000)
END OF TEST BANK  £501.14  (Total Loss -£498.86)

All figures quoted are worked out to Betfair Starting Price and have had 5% commission deducted. Where each-way betting was advised, a 1/2 pt was placed on the win market and 1/2 pt placed in the place market and settled at B.S.P. accordingly.

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