This week I went to Scotland to visit the CEO of a property investment club. I’ve recorded a video of the visit which I hope you find interesting and entertaining.

I’ve been a member of this club for nearly two years, investing in several projects over that time and have been paid on time, every time.

This is the first time that I have actually visited their offices as I was confident enough to invest without feeling the need to do so, however I felt this might be useful for CashMaster readers to get a better idea of what it’s about.

Apologies for the ‘home made’ style of the video. I’m no photographer or film maker, indeed I shot the whole thing on my phone!

I really, really highly rate this opportunity. It’s completely passive… put some money in and get paid 12% in a year. The funds are used to develop bespoke luxury apartments in beautiful buildings and the whole operation is extremely professionally run, transparent and lucrative!

You are welcome to visit too, should you wish, or simply contact Ken for further information.

Have a look here:

You can contact Ken directly at: [email protected]

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Panacea Property

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It’s private invitation only so quote: CashMaster