Todays Results

2:20 Kelso Won Mr Crystal

2:40 Huntingdon Won Sunley Shines

2:50 Kelso Lost

4:40 Uttoxeter Won Henrys Pride

5:10 Uttoxeter Won Over The Blues

5:20 Huntingdon Lost

5:40 Uttoxeter Lost

A much better day today we would have ended up in a profit if we had used money. We would have roughly won about £13 if we used a betting bank of £200. Tomorrow I shall start betting for real with a £200 betting bank. There was only 2 races removed at the beginning of the day. There was a full days betting again with a possible bet on nearly every race. Another possible way is to win 2 points a day and stop. I shall also be putting the results of doing it that way in my Totals too. To see which way earns more money in a day.