Not a very good day as you can see.

Todays Selections

2:20 Wolverhampton Won +£10 Bond Playboy

2:40 Pontefract Lost -£14.87

3:00 Windsor Lost -£20.30

3:20 Wolverhampton Lost -£9.60

3:30 Windsor Won +£10 Almahaza

3:50 Wolverhampton Lost -£11.66

4:00 Windsor Lost -£22.72

4:20 Wolverhampton Lost -£8.12

4:30 Windsor Lost -£12.67

4:40 Pontefract Lost -£14.86

4:50 Wolverhampton Won +£10 Heights Of Golan

5:00 Windsor Won +£10 Young Bertie

Loss= -£74.80

Total= £125.20  2Pts.= £125.20

An absolute terrible day and we’ve almost lost half the betting bank in 1 day. It will be interesting to see if the system can pull back from this disaster today. There was no races taken out from this mornings checks, every race was a possible bet. He does say that with this system you will take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. Hopefully today was the 2 steps back, if this was 1 step back God knows what the betting bank will look like tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be going for a win off £6.26 per race that we bet on. Although we have had a bad day I still believe that this system should work. Till tomorrow goodbye for now.