It depends how you look at today not a particularly good day but at least not a bad day like yesterday.

Todays Selections

2:00 Catterick Won +£6.26 Princess Rhianna

2:10 Leicester Won +£6.26 Laughter

2:20 Folkestone Won +£6.26 Quam Celerine

2:40 Leicester Lost -£4.24

2:50 Folkestone Won +£6.26 The Fifth Member

3:00 Catterick Lost -£5.43

3:10 Leicester Lost -£5.51

3:20 Folkestone Won +£6.26 Danseuse Volante

3:30 Catterick Lost -£5.23

3:40 Leicester Won +£6.26 Everyman

3:50 Folkestone Lost -£9.13

4:00 Catterick Lost -£5.35

4:30 Catterick Won +£6.26 Ballet Boy

5:00 Catterick Lost -£6.17

5:10 Leicester Lost -£10.76

Losss= -£8 2pts.= +£12.52

Totals= £117.20 2pts.= £137.72

As you can see nothing to write home about but at least we didn’t loose abig chunk of the betting bank again. The 2 point plan made it’s 2 point profit there’s a start for rebuilding the account. Over the months test hopefully we’ll be able to see which plan could make us a better profit. There was no races taken out at the start of the day. Tomorrow we’ll be using a stake of £5.86 and if we were using the 2 point plan then the stake would be £6.88.