Hello everybody,

I’m finally back after a couple of months off with computer problems. I’m going to retry this Format Racing Method system which we didn’t have much success with. I won’t bore you with another description of the system but anybody who would like to read it again can do if they look at the blog on the 6/10/07. This time I will just paper trade it instead of using a proper bank and will start with a bank of £2000. Today we will start with £100 per point to win and will adjust this point at the end of each day. I will be using this system for every race in the afternoon with the right criteria Mon-Fri. I’m just giving this system another test because it was a change off season when I tested before and this could of been why the system did not show it’s potential. Me and Graham agreed to give it another chance once the season was up and running. 

Todays Results

12:20 Catterick lost -£75.08

12:40 Plumpton won +£100 Oh Crick

12:50 Catterick lost -£68.35

1:20 Catterick won +£100 Clemax

1:50 Catterick won +£100 La Veccha Scuola

2:20 Catterick lost -£110.64

2:50 Catterick won +£100 Bennythe jets

3:00 Ayr lost -£110.98

3:10 Plumpton won +£100 Kiltimoney

Starting Bank= £2000

P/L= +£134.95

Total= +£2134.95

Not a bad start today with a over £134 profit made. The point for tomorrow will be adjusted to £106. Lets see if it can keep it up. Catch you all tomorrow.