sorry I haven’t put Thursday selections up till now but my internet connection died on me and I’ve only just got it back on line now.

Thursdays Selections

1:40 Newbury Won +£4.16 Beacon Lodge

2:00 Lingfield Lost -£7.45

2:40 Newbury Lost -£6

2:50 Wincanton Won +£4.16 New Time

3:15 Newbury Lost -£7.66

3:35 Lingfield Won +£4.16 Gaelic Gift

3:50 Newbury Won +£4.16 Robby Bobby

4:10 Lingfield Won +£4.16 Rowdy Yeats

4:25 Newbury Lost -£6

4:55 Newbury Won +£4.16 Crete

5:15 Lingfield Lost -£7.04

Profit/Loss= -£13.55

Total= £69.68

The losses are abit larger than what I have put down with some bets being under to £2 that couldn’t off being bet on properly. After having a disgussion with Graham we have decided to stop the test for this sytem for the moment. The way we pick the winners for it is common sense and should work in the long term. With the seasons change over this month has possibly given out selections that aren’t right with giving this system another test when everything has calmed down again we should get a better picture about the system.

I’ll be back with this system after I’ve given another system a test. For the next 4 weeks. I’m not to sure what I’m going to test yet but it will be either a laying system or placing system. I’ll be back in a few days with 1 of them.


Hi there, this is Graham. I just want to clarify what we are doing with this system test. Having looked at this system myself I must admit that it does seem to be quite good. The published results would appear, in my eyes anyway, to be accurate and having had correspondence with the system designer I would like to give this one another shot instead of writing it off in one go as I think it merit’s it. I e-mailed the author about our losing streak and I include his reply below. He seems genuine enough to me so we’ll have another go.

Hi Graham, thanks for the email.

I’m not sure exactly when you tested the system but having looked at it yourself you will see it is not going to show a profit every day but over the long term it has proven to me to be a very good way of making simple profits.
Last week by Wednesday the system had made over 15 points profit which was then dwindled down through a few losing days to a final profit of 7 points on the week, £700 to £100 stakes.
This week started poorly and was down 10 points by Wednesday, but has now made 8 of those back in the last two days. Given a good weekend, we should be in front by Sunday evening, although as you know it should not even be looked at in weekly lots, but overall terms. However, it is easier to show a weekly set of results as people can identify with it better that way.
The system gives the user the edge overall by backing certain horses from the first three in the market and in the long term does work for the user. There will be peaks and troughs over time but changing of the seasons and codes does not make any particular difference I have found.”