Hello Everybody,

My name is Alex Shaylor I haven’t been on here for the last couple of months but I’m back and ready to go.

This is a backing system that I’m going to test. With this system you will need to be able to sit in front of your computer while the racing is on. Most of the work is done just a couple of minutes before the race is off. The good thing about this system is it will keep you busy for the whole day as you will bet in alot of races. It does give you a few types of races not to go for but today that only cut out 4 races. There was a possible bet in the rest off the races on today. It only takes about 10-15 minutes in the morning to find those races and then the rest of the work is done within a couple of minutes before the race starts. What you do is find three horses and their odds from betfair a minute or 2 before the off. With the three horses you use the odds to calculate whether it is worth betting on the race or not, by using a calculation sheet.  You are given a calculation sheet to work from. I papertraded today and would of bet on 12 races at least but Betfair crashed and I couldn’t get the odds for the last 8 races this afternoon. The way to use the system is with Betfair but  looking at the results there was possibly another 4 or 5 bets. I’ll test the system Mon-Fri and weekends if I’m around. I’m going to papertrade it again tomorrow and hopefully start with a betting bank of £200 on Monday.

The staking plan is quite simple You divide your betting bank by 20 and this is the figure you will be aiming to win from each race. With a £200 betting bank, I’ll be starting at £10 a win. At the end of eachday, whatever is left in the betting bank shall be divide by 20 to make the next days winning stake.

With the results I shall write down the time, track, won/lost and Profit/loss when I start to use money. If the race won I’ll write the winner down at the end. I’m not a very fast writer and for me to write all the horses names down as there is 3 per race  would take for ever.

Todays Selections

2:50 Fontwell Lost

3:00 Redcar Lost

3:10 Kempton Lost

3:35 Redcar Lost

3:45 Kempton Won Hadaf

4:00 Fontwell Won Free Gift

4:20 Kempton Lost

4:30 Newmarket Lost

4:35 Fontwell Won Grecian Groom

7:55 Wolverhampton Won Samuel Charles

8:25 Wolverhampton Won Trivia

8:55 Wolverhampton Lost

If I had been betting with money I would off raffly lost about £50 to the betting bank but with the loss off another 4 or 5 races where there looked to be 3 or 4 possible winners to 1 lost race it wouldn’t have been so much.

Thats enough from me for now and I”l be back tomorrow with the results hopefully better than todays.