I have been a subscriber to The Gifting Club since the end of July and came in part way through the Major League Baseball season.  I will give my views and experiences on the season in a moment but first I recommend you read the excellent report posted by Alistair back in March when he trialled the Basketball service.  This will give you a good insight into how the Gifting Club works.  The MLB works on a series of four games, called a selection, and you need to set your own profit target per selection.  I used £25.  If game 1 wins fine, but if not your losses and profit target are rolled into game 2 and so on.  If game 4 loses then a loss is taken.  When I joined, the win/loss record was 117/2 and the two losses totalled around 30 points.  A most impressive net profit at this stage of 87 points, or £2175 at the staking level I was using. Very soon the record had gone to 136/2 but I was uncomfortable with the stakes when a fourth game was reached as 30+ points were usually at stake.  These fourth games were not common but there were enough to make me uneasy.  From 136/2 to last weekend, when The Gifting Club finished their season the record went to 164/6.

I was going to write this report earlier in the week but I am glad I held back as a newsletter has come out and The Gifting Club admit the problems with the second half of the season and to quote them ‘ the sports books finally caught on to our system and started pricing our game 4’s where it was too risky to take the money line.  This forced us to take the run line to lower the risk and ultimately cost us three huge losses.  The games did win on the money line however, which means the system did work.’  For those of you not familiar with the American terms the money line is the straightforward win or lose and the run line is the handicap, usually 1.5.  There were actually four losses in the latter part of the season but one of them was being bet on using the odds against team, not the favourite, and the loss was much lower.  They say they are going to make adjustments for next season but they do not say what.

So where does that leave The Gifting Club as a service.  If you had been a subscriber for the whole of the MLB season then you would have shown a small profit,  but you would have been hugely disappointed with the way the profits of around 105 points at it’s peak went down very quickly when the losses occurred.  It will be interesting to see how they approach the next MLB season and how they propose to reduce the risk.  For now there are plenty more services to take us through the winter and I will post a report in the next few weeks on the NFL and College Football systems.  These are different to the MLB as the loss recovery system is not used.

The service has potential and their customer service is fine but I would say to anyone thinking of subscribing proceed with caution and if you go to their website you can freely subscribe to their ‘still skeptical’ service which is self-explanatory when you read it.