Last night was disasterous – in a tense game, the New Orleans Hornets just failed to get within 9 points of the Houston Rockets, causing us to lose a cycle of three games.

The main system run by The Gifting Club (System A) operates on cycles of three games, so a loss is not declared until all three games in the cycle have been lost.  At the start of this NBA season, there had never been an occasion where a three game cycle had been lost; last night marked the third loss this year!!! [and there was almost a fourth, when a previous game #3 resulted in a draw].

As the system works on a progressive betting stake, the amount that you bet goes up very quickly – making the loss of a cycle very expensive indeed.  During our trial, I was limiting the profit per cycle to be only £10, but this still meant that last night’s losing cycle cost £172.  If you were trying to make £100 per cycle, then the loss would have been a painful £1,720.

We currently have two other cycles waiting for their third games – with confidence low, we could be staring another two major disasters in the face.

Selections for 8th March 2008:

System A Cycle 1 No Bet   [waiting for 3rd game in cycle]
  Cycle 2 New Orleans Hornets (+9.5) LOST [cycle is lost]
  Cycle 3 LA Clippers (-1.5) LOST [moves to 3rd game in cycle] 
System B Cycle 1 No Bet    
  Cycle 2 No Bet    
  Cycle 3 No Bet    
System C   No Bet    

Results so far:

System A – 5 wins : 1 loss – P/L: £-122.00
System B – 2 wins : 0 losses – P/L: £10.00
System C – 5 wins : 1 loss – P/L: £19.50