My one month evaluation of The Gifting Club’s NBA betting system ended with a profit in each of the three selection services, and we even managed to recover from a disaster in System A mid-way through the evaluation.

However, I should point out that System A has suffered another loss since the end of the trial, due to a key player being injured in the 3rd quarter of a game #3 match.

When I first started looking at The Gifting Club way back at the beginning of the NBA season, the club dealt only with Basketball and offered only a single subscription service (System A in our review). Over the months, the club has expanded it’s service and now offers 3 NBA systems (Systems A, B and C in our review), a NHL (ice hockey) system and will shortly provide two Baseball systems to coincide with the start of the MLB season. It will also introduce another system to cover the NFL (American Football) when that seasons kicks off later in the year.

All of the main selection systems operated on a 3 game cycle – so a loss was only recorded if all 3 games in a cycle were lost. The staking plan was based around a set gain per cycle, and as the staking plan used was progressive, up to 18x the aim was at stake if a cycle went to game #3.

Prior to this year, System A had a 100% record with no lost cycles over the past 10 years.  However, this year has not been so good and there have been at total of 4 losing cycles this season. This sounds absolutely disasterous, but actually the system has still turned a profit for the entire year as it’s record stands at 83 wins and 4 losses.

Systems B and C have also shown a tidy profit for the year, so if you take a long-term look at this service, it certainly looks as if it will make money.

The NHL ice hockey system was introduced mid-way through the year and has been revised as the year has progressed. Overall this has shown a healthy profit – and during our trial, it managed a 7 point profit over a period of about 10 days. Again, since the trial has been concluded, it suffered a downturn in fortunes and is just recovering from an extended series of lost matches.

The Gifting Club have spent a significant amount of time analysing their various systems, and they are making changes to the NBA systems next year to remove the needs to buy points in games and to reduce the potential outlay from 18x the aim to about 8x the aim. The new system is expected to cover about 150 games and produce 6-7 losses across the season.

Despite their difficulties this year, The Gifting Club have been excellent at communicating with their subscribers and I remain confident that they can produce good long-term results. The introduction of new systems covering a variety of sports means that they now have betting coverage for the full year.

Unfortunately the downside of the increased coverage, means that their subscription rates have increased – at the time of writing they are currently $599 per year, or $59 per month. Still, if you have sufficient capital, then this should prove to be money well spent.

The Gifting Club gets a thumbs up from me.

You can join the Gifting Club here: