Beautiful day today so I went to the park with my daughter leaving the bot to work.

The first race was a losing bet, the next a winner, then three didn’t get matched (probably too high odds) then another two winning bets recoving my initial loss. Then another non matched bet followed by two winning bets making my £50.

I’m well impressed by this little bot. I’ve been thinking about all the different ways you can bet with this and will start doing some experiments soon.

A few readers have gone ahead and bought this already and have asked me my advice on how much to aim for etc. Basically if you are doing the dog betting then in the manual it says to aim for 1% of your bank (or stop loss) per race and to go for 3 wins a day. Personally I would rather be done in 2 wins so I think the best way to go about this is to start off with a minimal bank and build it up over the coming months.

If you started with a £250 betting bank (set your stop to £250) and aimed to win just £2.50 a race stopping at £5 then even at just £5 a day that’s still an extra £150 a month coming in. In two months you will have more than doubled your betting bank. You can recalculate your target profit then to £5 a race for £10 a day and double your bank again in fifty days. Rinse and repeat. This way you have only ever risked a tiny amount compared to the returns you are getting.

Another way, and quicker, would be to recalculate your target profit per race at the start of each new days betting, so the compounding works daily rather than monthly, although personally I would rather take half the profit out and compound the other half so at least you are drawing an income.

And of course this is just using the greyhound system. The advantage of using this bot is that it does stuff you just wouldn’t bother to do yourself. You wouldn’t sit there a few hours in the afternoon to win a fiver, but you would press a button and win a fiver so I think it’s ideal for people wanting to bet with minimal stakes.

I’d be interested to see what happens if I just left the thing on all afternoon, so it doesn’t stop at my designated profit. Hmmmm…..

P/L: £500

You can get the Grey Horse Bot here: