or maybe not…

Just an update on some readers feedback. Whilst my post below was based on the results of two of my readers, I just got this through from another one:

Hi Graham,
Just read your blog for today and it left me scratching my head!
My info from Betfair Account:
1. Lost on first 2 races yesterday: 11:11 Sheff, 11:57 Sheff. Down total £76.04 (glad I wasn’t in!!)
2. Won on following 3 races: 12:04 Swin, Sheff 12:42 and 12:47. Up total £94.81
Stop Loss set at £150.00 with a £7.50 stake to win £15.00
Made my target and some for the day.
PS Won on all first 3 races today!
So maybe I jumped the gun a bit. It’s odd that different people are getting different results but it seems this reader got bets matched whereas the other two didn’t. Either way, it’s useful for you to know that there is always the chance of a wipeout so just be aware of this.