Another easy £50 today but also an interesting thing happened. I set it up this morning and pressed the Start button and since I was around anyway I watched it do the first race. To my surprise it actually backed the damn dog for £10.52 instead of laying it for £25. The dog lost as expected but that meant I lost £10.52. I quickly looked into my settings and realised it was set to Back. In the manual settings you have two boxes, one for back and one for lay. You tick the radial dial to tell it what you want to do. I had £10 set in the back box (plus Betfair commission) when I was testing it on Tuesday and I was messing with it last night. Since it was set to back, the little darling placed a back bet. So I set it to lay and this time put my back stake down to the minimum (2.00) just in case and waited for the next race. Again, it backed the dog…. arrrgh! This time for £2 so I was glad I changed that. So then I remembered you are supposed to re-start the bot when you make changes like that so I re-started and just in case downloaded and loaded up the session again.

So the next race comes along and it does lay this time but to my confusion it only layed at £4.38. This made no sense at all and I fired off an e-mail to Malcolm. The dog lost and I made £4.38 and it automatically laid the next one at £4.40. I just couldn’t understand what was happening. It lost too and the bot layed the next one at £3.74! Now the clever ones among you will have already realised what was happening…. unfortunately I just sat there scratching my head.

When the third lay did in fact lose my session balance showed £0.00 and it was then I realised what had happened. Remember I have set the bot to recover any losses over the next three bets. So the bot realised I was £12.52 down and layed the next three dogs with a view to recovering that in three bets, which it did.

So now I had backed two dogs by mistake which lost, layed another three which lost and recovered my mistaken back bets and I was back to square one. If I had layed in the first place of course the target of £50 would have been reached in the first two bets of the day. Anyway, the next two bets did in fact get matched at £26.29 making a profit of £25 each and my £50 target profit was made whilst I was in Sainsburys buying half price wine.

P/L: £100