I didn’t get a chance to run the bot yesterday. Got to bed at 5am Saturday night (well, Sunday morning!) and at 39 with a toddler that jumps on my head at 7.30am I really wasn’t in the mood for betting. Sorry if you e-mailed but a guys got to have a day off now and then!

Ok, a few of you have asked about Malcolms selection system for choosing the dogs to lay. He does this for you Monday to Friday and makes the session file available to download directly into your bot so you just download and press Start and that’s it. But if you want to use the system on the weekends then you’ll need to purchase his selection system. It’s £25 and includes a bit of software that actually goes onto a website and picks the selections for you. So you can just run the sofware and then input the selections into your session file for that day. It’s a piece of cake. I bought it and would say it’s definately worth it. Also good as a back up in case Malcolm doesn’t update the sessio file mid-week for whatever reason.

You can get his system and software here: http://www.laybetting.com/mals-grey-sys.htm

On to today. Profit target was made on the first two races as expected to nothing to report except another £50 in the bank.

P/L: £200