The bot has been working it’s little socks off this afternoon. The first two dogs won their races but the loss was recovered over the following three races and then my profit made on the two following that. All whilst I was out too.

I’m enjoying this test. The bot can run mutiple cycles as well, so if you copy and paste the bot folder you can run two or three bots on the same computer following different systems. I believe it would work just as well for the Bank Vault Report as you just identify your selections in the morning, input them into the bot (5 selections) and leave it to make your daily profit on the horses.

I’m looking into running this with Cash Master too, although I believe you would have to aim for a profit target per cycle rather than per race, but it’s certainly something worth having a go at. You can set it not to bet below certain odds and it’ll automatically calculate the stakes and place the bets for you, and you can set the necessary stop losses and carry cycles over to the next day if required and all on autopilot which is a lot more convenient.

They have even incorporated a football section so the bot can be used for trading games in play. I’deal for Ian’s football trading system. Definately a lot to look at with this.

P/L: £250