As the name implies, this is a piece of software which, with a couple of clicks of the mouse, grades the runners for ability in any chosen greyhound race. The benefit, provided the grading method is a good one, apart from suggesting the winner, is that you could choose to dutch them in some combination of your choice. There is a quite versatile dutching calculator provided within the program to facilitate this, which is convenient.

Since there is a BAGS race run around every 8 minutes throughout the day from just after 11am, only a very dedicated follower of the dogs would use this on every race, every day, but for the record, I chose 20 races yesterday and although the strike rate was no higher than 22%, I did come out of it with 2pts profit, simply by choosing the top-graded dog as a bet to win. Looking over the results of those races, I’m pretty sure that dutching the first two or three would have been much more effective, so I’ll try that next.

This is a refreshingly simple little program, very fast in operation and really rather cheap for what it does. If the dutching method performs as I think it might, this could be a very useful little tool indeed.

You can get The Greyhound Race Grader here: