At the beginning of April I spent the weekend with the folks at The Horse Race Predictor (HRP) masterclass in Sheffield.

It was a joy to meet the folks behind the product and to have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the service and its systems and to make some new friends.

Saturday was spent mostly setting up a new HRP product that automatically places bets for you. This is brilliant for folks who work as the automiser places the bets for you during the day. The product uses Gruss Betting Advisor, and Gav (Summerhill) showed us how to use Gruss to place HRP Dutch bets. The Grand National was on this Saturday and the HRP software predicted Tiger Roll as the winner, so we watched the race with a beer or two and cheered Tiger Roll home.

On Sunday we explored many of the different systems and explored how to use the information provided. A couple of new staking plans were introduced: one for systems with long winning streaks and an alternative to the standard Platinum staking plan. The afternoon racing allowed the opportunity to check that the automiser had been configured correctly.

The weekend has cemented my trading plan for HRP. On 14 February I reset my HRP Bank after publishing the review. I mainly use the Mighty Tosh guru, and this bank had doubled since then. So, I have reallocated the profit in to the automiser and will restart Mighty Tosh from its original bank. A couple of weeks ago Lieutenant K, one of the HRP gurus, described how to combine several systems in to a single system. Using this “Joint Roster” I have tripled my bank, and as the automiser allows for this system to be automated, I have put this bank in to the automiser too but ring fenced to this system only.

The Horse Race Predictor continues to do the business for me. I am looking forward to a highly profitable flat season.

Here is my current position since the beginning of April:
One-A-Day +10 points, approx 10% of bank, but only 1 bet each day
Mighty Tosh, not restarting until May
Coupmaster (on Bot) +67% of bank
Joint Roster (Bot) +68% of bank
Dutch (Bot) -50% of bank
Casino +42% of bank

I started a system of Doubles yesterday. Being 1 day old I cannot report on how this is going.

You can join The Horse Race Predictor here.