As May draws to a close, time for another The Horse Race Predictor update.

Please note that all my bets using this service are wholly off the automiser bot now.

Since the master-class, roughly 2 months ago, it has been a bit of a struggle to say the least. Many systems have seen decent profits wiped out, and more, by a couple of losing days. I hope that we are coming out of this period now and can get back on the road to serious profits. My results are corrupted because of fiddling with settings, forgetting to reset or switch the bot on and some other actions, but here are MY results as they currently stand:

Coupmaster: +17%
Quads: For me a couple of blown banks, however the settings have been amended with the addition of a stop-loss feature, so trying again, -5%. I do need to monitor this as the best stop-loss value has yet to be determined.
Mighty Tosh: Manual may be better way to bet these, but I do them via the bot. Please note that this service only resumed 1st May. +92%.
Dutch Platinum +7%
Top Rated: +62%
Joint Roster +30%
One a day: +25% but this service works differently from the above and is intended as a slow and steady builder.

Just to reiterate, these are MY results, other folks may have done better or worse depending on their bot settings and the systems they are following.

Not following these gurus, but their results show:
Method Maker +55% (since May 9th)
The Squire is really slamming it with +149% (also since May 9th).
Lieutenant K Triple S is also steaming hot with +123%, and this service is going to be reset to £1000 withdrawing some £500 of profit.

There are other systems on the forum that I am not reporting on in this post.

So some services have hit their monthly target (Triple S, The Squire). a couple on target to meet, or get close to, their targets (Method Maker, Mighty Tosh, Top Rated).

You’d need very deep pockets to, say, put £500 on each system. You really just want to select one or two that fit your betting profile. I keep saying this, honestly, do NOT bet everything. On the bot, most of the systems are still on test bets, I only have a real bank on two systems and I am very happy with the way bank is growing again now, it was a test of my resolve for a while.

For me, this service still retains its approved status.

You can get The Horse Race predictor here.