Just when we thought The Horse Race Predictor couldnt get any better… The guys at The Horse Race Predictor have added the 1 Bet A Day™ and Daily HRP Tripler™ to their portfolio of advanced winning methods.

This is what Gav Summerhill told us about these new additions:

“We made a startling discovery when organising over 20 years worth of data for The Horse Race Predictor, as there was one particular bet every day which always showed a profit over the month and of course, the year. We now call it the 1 Bet A Day™ System.”

“Many of our members enjoy the sheer sporting thrill of having a methodology which will enable them to interpret virtually any horse race betting market in a profitable way. Some of our sportsmen and women have pressing demands on their time of course, and this is where the 1 Bet A Day™ comes in.”

Let’s look at a sequence of bets from the Monday after the November Handicap in 2018 right up to July 29th 2019. In other words 8 months of daily bets from the very start of the National Hunt season and including a period which is traditionally known as a poor time for backers.

  • November 12th: £500
  • Month 1: £839 + 72%
  • Month 2: £939 + 88%
  • Month 3: £600 + 20%
  • Month 4: £1120 + 120%
  • Month 5: £2200 + 344%
  • Month 6: £3295 + 551%
  • Month 7: £4072 + 712%
  • Month 8: £6115 + 1025%

As you can see from the above figures at no point in this sample was the bank in anything other than pure profit at the end of the month, in month 3 this period coincided with the winter freeze and many abandoned meetings along with unfavourable going.

We can also see that the bank is now showing a regular income of around £2,000 per month and rising.

Find out more here.

When was the last investment opportunity you found which promised 1025% return on capital in less than 8 months?

Gav has put the entire 1 Bet A Day™ ‘road map’ into a handy but comprehensive document which will guide you with profit projections all based on your starting bank.

This document is issued to all members and will enable you to prepare for financial independence with The Horse Race Predictor all for less than one minute of work each day!


Introducing The HRP Daily Tripler™

This additional method puts The 1 Bet A Day™ System on Steroids!!!

By taking the trial through this link you will get access to the 1 Bet A Day™ System AND HRP Daily Tripler™ in addition to all the other benefits of your HRP membership.