DayToshSP FavBrown JackThe SquireMethod MakerQuads
31Power cut

35No racing until Boxing Day
Week 59.9400-21.29-1.128673.53

Looks like “SP Fav” and “Brown Jack” are no longer part of the current setup, I’ll stop reporting on these each week.

It is tempting to look at 217 points after 5 weeks and look to jump in. Please be careful as I am following 4 contributors and you would be poorly advised to do the same. There is a tonne of help on the site to get you started, and the best advice would be to chose one system and run with that, there is even a thread about how to turn £100 to £25k by next Christmas on the site using 1 or 2 systems.

Please also note that because I am getting different odds to the contributors, this often puts me on a different staking strategy and means my results will not match theirs.

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and wealthy New year to everybody.

You can get The Horse Race Predictor here.