DayToshThe Squiremethod MakerQuads
360000No racing until Boxing Day
370000No racing until Boxing Day
Week 63.1114.35.8510.4433.7

I have lost all my “Quad” data due to a spreadsheet corruption and couldn’t even recover using version history. It may look odd that last week +103.85, and a further 10.44 points this week the overall has gone down, but I wasn’t able to recover everything. As the result is fewer points for the “Quads” and therefore this doesn’t exaggerate their totals, I am happy to go forward from here

Usual two caveats: it is too early to start waxing lyrical about this. Yes 231

points up, but you wouldn’t choose all the systems that I am. There are other money makers on site that I am not blogging (Best and Earliest, and the Reverse Forecast) that you need to exercise discipline; choose 1 and grow the bank. Dont let FOMO get you and spread yourself too thinely.

Secondly, the odds I am using (BSP) can be different from those that the contributors record, putting me on a different strategy with respect to the staking plan. This can lead to different results.

You can get this service here.