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Week 828.41-0.0218.043480.43

I suspect some of you are looking to get on board with this service, and I wouldn’t blame you. So, a few words on where to start.

First thing you’ll need to do is go to Daily Use and read all the articles there. It is vital for this service that you fully understand the HRP Platinum Staking Plan. Secondly, I suggest you join the F.I. Club, there are additional tools there and you can see what other people are doing.

Select one, and initially just one, Guru. Before you follow the 4% plan you need to understand how each system works. Mighty Tosh, Method Maker and The Squire work generally the same way, but there are differences. Lieutenant K operates very differently, so if you select this guru, just chose one of the methods, either Coloured, 40% or Combined. Whilst not a guru, I have been following HRP Daily where the HRP Top Rated is filtered by HRP score of 40 or more (some folks use 50) and positive odds movement and this also does well.

Also note that the odds I am using (BSP) can be different from those that the Guru’s record, putting me on a different strategy with respect to the staking plan. This can lead to different results.

You can get this service here.