After chatting with Gav Summerhill last night and talking about the Cheltenham Festival starting, I was pleased to hear that he is offering all clients a complementary and money spinning free guide to the weeks event PLUS (and this is cool) a discounted road test of the service.

He sent me some stats that have accumulated since last October and they are truly mesmerising to read, so just recap on the performance of the Club Betting Guru’s and you will see why it’s so important to give this superb betting profit service, a real go!

Every betting expert on the site started with £500 last October.

  • Method Maker + £10,000 in profit.
  • The Mighty Tosh + £30,000 in profit
  • The Squire + £15,000 in profit
  • Lieutenant K + £15,000 in profit
  • Gav Summerhill + £3,700 since February 3rd this year.

All these bets were presented each day to the membership along with the results and they are fully proofed and verified.

Gav wants all genuine horse race betting punters to be working with these proven money spinning and future proof investments.

As a further bonus Gav and his team are offering you a GIFT that will enable you to create a nailed on profit stream for this Cheltenham Festival and every Cheltenham Festival.

It’s waiting for you here