When HRP guru Lieutenant K posted his amazing quad results (see below) members were keen to jump on board his very profitable Quads train. However, some members, especially those who cannot be in front of their computers all day, have found this difficult. Not anymore!

What if you could play the Quads just by opening a piece of software?

…The HRP Quads can be played on true autopilot with The HRP Automiser!

“This is absolutely dynamite. I feel privileged to have been asked to test!!! I have been using the software as asked with just the quads. I didn’t think it would be this easy. The HRP Automiser surely is as close as it gets to a license to print money! People are going to go crazy for this. I am lol. I will feedback more tomorrow with my steady bank growth 🙂 Thanks again.” – HRP Member (Volunteer Beta Tester)

Firstly a quick recap of the Quad results 15th October – 28th February:

Start: 15th October
Total Bets: 750
Winning Bets: 722
Debit Bets: 28
96.27% strike rate

Profit from a 100pt start bank
+373.84% as of 28th February

LATEST UPDATE: +425.60% as of 21st March

Want to start achieving the same kind of results without any work?

You can! – Once you have the HRP Automiser software running you will literally have to do nothing apart from watch your betting bank grow with results like the above. How good is that?

How is it possible?

  • The HRP Automiser dynamically gets and loads the quad selections for the day without you having to do anything.
  • The HRP Automiser automatically places the quad selections at the Betfair exchange at the right time and with the right stake without you having to do anything.
  • The HRP Automiser then collects the results, calculates the next selection and updates your profit. All without you having to do anything.

Remember: “The Quads” are just 1 of 5 methods you can play with the HRP Automiser. You can elect to use a single method or even play with all 5 simultaneously. Simply toggle the on/off button for each method. (see image below)

Fig 1: Select which methods you want by toggling the On/Off switches.

Fig2: The days Quad selections will automatically appear.

Fig 3: The Quad Selections are automatically placed exactly at the right time.

When is the HRP Automiser released? 

Masterclass members are set to be issued with the software at the Masterclass event on the 6th April along with full training.

There are just a few places remaining so if you have been thinking of booking your place but have been sitting on the fence then now is the time you need to take action: EXPIRED

What if I cannot attend? If you cannot attend for whatever reason but would still like to secure your access to The HRP Automiser and HRP training then click below:

Recorded Lite Version

More MasterClass and HRP Automiser updates will follow.