This is a horse racing service providing win acca bets. We haven’t seen a full back catalogue of results but recent results claimed from the website look very impressive. Although I’m not a fan of Pay As You Win services for various reasons, this works on a prepayment for winning bets, starting with £50 for 5 winning bets, £79 for 10, and £100 for 20. Presumably if you opt to stop receiving the bets after you have made a prepayment, there are no refunds.

Bets are sent the evening before racing, and the King of Profit uses Betfair Sportsbook for his bets and prices, which includes guaranteed best prices. I will be recording results to quoted prices, and to SP. A 200 point bank is recommended, the stakes are 5 points for a double, 2 points for a treble and 1 point for anything bigger.

I did expect plenty of patience would be necessary with this service. I know from a very long experience as a punter and a blogger that it ain’t easy to be consistently successful in finding accas. And so it has proved with this service thus far. After 35 trebles and 15 doubles bets, we have had one successful doubles bet only and a deficit of 137.5 points, or if you’re betting at the recommended stakes, £1375 down. It may be that the point of this service is that when you do get a win on one of the larger priced trebles, it wipes that deficit and puts you straight into profit. I know from experience, though, that even though there are plenty more points in the bank to play with, many will have dropped out by now. There were some decent picks at the beginning of the review, but overall it has really struggled. I’m also keeping tabs on the singles and that’s in the red too (-32.42 points) after 143 selections inc 5 non runners.

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