The Lay Analyst is one of six services offered by the Pro Betting Club and is a stand alone service offered at £39.50 a month or £89.50 for a 3 month period. A quick recap on the service –The Lay Analyst works on both UK and Irish races and covers National Hunt, All weather and Turf Flat racing throughout the year.

Selections are available on line daily from 1230 and with the password provided a simple log in takes the user to the relevant page of the daily selections. In the case of this service all selections must pass through a couple of filters utilised in the minutes before the off time to qualify as a Lay Bet The number of points per qualifying bet is also provided and these range from 2 points up to 6 points generally and a 200 point betting bank is recommended.

The service is only suitable to a user who can be in front of a computer when qualifying races are due. On some days there can be up to 30 selections covering the period from circa 1400 up to 2030 so some stamina is required but there again making money does require some effort. I had hoped that a bot could be employed but at this time there is no suitable bot that can deal with the jump  from filter 1 to 2,although in practice to the user ,in front of the computer at the time, this stage  will present no problems.

I have been monitoring the selections daily since 5th April 14 and up to the 27th April 14 the system had produced 15 qualifying bets with a 100% strike rate and the bank grew by 46.5 points. Since inception in July13 the system has achieved 300+qualifying bets with a S/R hovering above  95%.

So to the period from 28th April through to and inclusive of 11th May: I had 13 selections that went on to qualify as a bet and had my first losers. On consecutive days 1st and 2nd May I had a loser one was at 14/1 and the other at 10/1 taking with it the profits built up since 5th April. However in the remaining days of the reporting period I had a further 7 qualifying selections and this managed to recover 23 points. The S/R during the period drops down to 84.6% but to put this in context this was only the 6th and 7th losses the system has had since 1 July 13 and there have been some 307 qualifiers. Opening Bank =200 points Close 11th May =225 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

You can try The Lay Analyst here: